Airtel Kenya unveils All-in-One bundles

By Elijah Odhiambo

Airtel Kenya has unveiled a brand-new product, called Airtel Premier that would allow its customers to enjoy all of their mobile units with a single plan. As a result, Airtel consumers will be able to buy data, SMS, voice, and data in a single package.

While this product is similar to the All-in-One bundle offered by competitor Safaricom, it has some added benefits.

The postpaid services that will offer its customers cheaper calls, SMS, and data.
Dubbed ‘Chaguo Langu’ (My Plan), it targets small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), corporations, startups, and individuals.

The premium plan is divided into three key sections: Bonga Zaidi for customers who will be making long calls; Browse Ukibonga for those in need of a good balance of call talk time and data; and finally, Browse Zaidi for heavy data users.

Firstly, customers have three different choices for each plan. For instance, if a user makes a lot of calls but does not use data often, they can subscribe to a plan that prioritizes call minutes. Alternatively, if they prefer data over call minutes, they can purchase a plan that prioritizes data usage.

In contrast, Safaricom’s product only offers a fixed choice. Secondly, the plans come with free Airtel to Airtel calls, meaning that the minutes will only be consumed when a user makes a call to other networks. Thirdly, the bundles can be rolled over, which means they will not expire at the end of the month if they are not fully used.

Speaking during the launch, Airtel CEO B Ashish Malhotra exuded confidence that the new products would go a long way toward helping the economic sector as well as SMEs.
Airtel has indicated that the changes resulting from the new products are born out of responses and feedback from its customers.

“Airtel is delighted to introduce exclusive Airtel premier plans that gives Kenyans the freedom to choose the best personalized calling and data services”, said the CEO, adding that the product is their commitment to continue delivering innovative and relevant communication solutions to the country.

The Cabinet Secretary for Co-operatives and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Development, Simon Chelugui, who was present at the event, underscored the importance of the telecommunications industries in helping SMEs reach their target market through communication.

Chelugui also added that communication acts as a bridge between buyers and consumers, therefore easing the chain of productivity.

“We thank you for helping them by connecting them and putting them in a platform where the sellers, the producers can meet the consumers and the buyers of their products”, CS Chelugui said.


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