How to track a Package being shipped using Gmail App

By Elijah Odhiambo

Have you ever  looked for the ideal item for hours, find a wonderful offer, and place an order then you end up going through the same processes while you wait for your product to arrive: looking through your mailbox for the confirmation email, locating the tracking number, and clicking through a series of websites to view your delivery status?

You won’t be the case again.

Gmail has released a new tool that allows users to track their packages directly from confirmation emails.

The tools and features that come with Gmail are really useful. There are many ways to make folders, labels, and subfolders in Gmail, which can help you keep your inbox organized. Additionally, Gmail has a built-in feature that allows you to schedule emails without the use of an external add-on.

Furthermore, Google has just released a useful new tool that lets you track packages directly from the Gmail client. You don’t have to manually look up the tracking number and monitor the status of the package. The arrival date will be immediately visible and Gmail will handle everything for you. How awesome is that? To activate package tracking on Gmail, then, go to the instructions below.

Enable Package Tracking on Gmail

In the Gmail app for iPhone and Android devices, package tracking is now accessible, but you must manually enable it. In Gmail version 2023.01.08.501398065 on  Android phone, the option for shipment tracking was released on January 24, 2023.

Here is how to enable the tracking feature.

  1. First, launch the Gmail app on your phone, then tap “Settings” from the hamburger menu. then decide which email account you wish to use to enable this feature. Open the “Data privacy” section of the Gmail settings app on iPhones.
  2. Next, activate the feature by scrolling down and looking for the “Package tracking” option. Do note that Google will share the tracking numbers with shipping carriers.
  3. From now onwards, you will get an estimated arrival date in the Gmail app. The information will be glanceable and labeled with the current status of the package. You can then open the email to access the order tracking card at the top, including the “Track Package” and “View Order” options.

Using the above listed simple steps, you can enable package tracking and get quick information about your shipments. Now when you open a shipment email, you should see dynamically added information at the top with the delivery status—whether it’s shipped, in transit, or delivered.


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