How to fix Instagram DMs not working

By Elijah Odhiambo

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that is mostly preferred by celebrities and those who love ‘soft life’’.

The platform increases artistic ability by taking pictures, It improves communication with people, increases friends list , the professional network also increases which is helpful, and you can exchange information with friends and family in an original way.

Very many people use Instagram for a major chunk of our day. From scrolling through the latest Instagram Reels, to messaging our friends, to checking out daily posts from our friends and followers, the app is quite loved by many.

However, like all apps, Instagram is liable to run into a few problems, bugs, and errors. An error common among users is the Instagram DM feature not working for them.

It renders Instagram DMs unusable as you aren’t able to send, receive, or view messages. If you are someone whose Instagram DMs are not working, there are several ways to fix the issue. I have compiled a list of fixes you can implement to make sure your Instagram DMs start working again. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Common reasons for an Instagram DM not working

Old Instagram version:

If you have an old version of Instagram, your DMs will some times fail. Instagram often receives several updates to maintain stability and performance, just like all other apps.

Server mix-ups or an outage

The server outages are occasionally the most frequent causes of Instagram DMs not functioning. It may affect not only your messages but also posts, clips, and general use.

Internet problems:

If your ISP has a history of connection issues, you may be experiencing a shaky connection or patchy coverage. This will negatively impact not just how you use Instagram but also how you utilize the internet in general. Additionally, a VPN service like Express VPN can disrupt your internet connection and make it difficult to utilize Instagram.

How to Fix Instagram DMs Not Working

  1. Update your Instagram to latest version

There might be a possibility that you are using an outdated version of Instagram, which would make the DMs crash and stop functioning.

For individuals who have disabled automatic updates and choose not to update the program themselves, that might be the case. The same thing occurs if you use an app’s beta version as well. Instagram may cease to function after a specific build date, but even one version older can seriously damage your phone. In addition to potential issues, there can be security updates that you are missing.

One should update Instagram as soon as possible for all of these reasons and more. You can do it by going to the appropriate iOS App Store or Google Play Store and updating

  1. Check Instagram outage

In relation to connectivity, there is always a potential that Instagram’s servers will be offline. This can be caused by a bug, a load on the system, or a complete outage. Fortunately, it’s simple to find out if Instagram is down for everyone including you. Visit Instagram Down Detector to see whether or not users are having issues. If users have reported outages, the outage graph on the Down Detector website will show a spike.

There is nothing you can do but wait and be patient if Instagram server difficulties do occur. Thankfully, social media juggernauts like Instagram’s parent company Meta rapidly resolve their server difficulties to prevent downtime. Try using the Instagram DM service once the servers are up and running.

  1. Check your internet connection

Although it may seem like a silly error, it happens rather frequently. Your Instagram DMs require an internet connection in order to function. Unreliable connectivity may be the cause of your messages being sent but not being received or vice versa. Utilizing other areas of Instagram is an easy way to determine whether your app is online.

Instagram will display a No Internet Connection notice if your internet connection is not operational. This serves as a reminder for you to enable Wi-Fi or mobile data so the app and its features can function as intended. The Instagram DMs issue should be resolved as of right now.

  1. Logout and login again

Some users find this strategy to be effective when their Instagram DMs stop functioning. I have tried it myself and it worked for me.

So, the next thing you should do is log out of Instagram and then log back in. Before logging back in, the app must be entirely closed (removed from the multitasking tray) and restarted.

  1. Delete Instagram Cache

Similar to other apps, Instagram stores a limited amount of information about how you use the app on your smartphone as cache. Data like your app settings and media cache are included in it, which accumulates on your phone’s storage. The Instagram cache, however, can get tainted due to a mistake, just like all other types of app cache. Instagram DMs may stop functioning as a result of this.

If the problem still persists, you should erase the cache on your phone and all of your Instagram data.

  1. Uninstall the app and reinstall it

A fresh install of Instagram is the best option if clearing the cache didn’t help. As a result, the cache will be deleted together with any remaining data.

  1. Contact Instagram Support

The procedures listed above are typically all that is required to get Instagram DMs working. If none of the aforementioned solutions have helped you, try this instead. Even if it’s the last resort, contacting Instagram support should help you get the answer you need to get your DMs working once more. If that’s the route you choose to take, Instagram has made it simple to get in touch with customer service.

Refresh your phone when on the DM screen to reveal the screen for reporting errors. To describe your issue, click the “Report a problem” button here and follow the instructions. Media attachments are unaffected since Instagram will automatically include screenshots of the problem. However, you can contact Instagram Support (visit) and peruse their resources if you want to troubleshoot the issue before reporting it.

I believe the above methods will help get your Instagram messages working again. A single solution might not work for everyone, so be sure to go through the list, and you just might see the results.


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