Tourist attractions sites in Kisumu

By Elijah Odhiambo

Are you looking for a place to chill, relax and spend awesome moments of your life? Well, look no more, Kisumu is your to- go- to city for enjoyment.

There’s a reason why Kisumu’s most famous tourist attractions are packed with people after all. But there’s always so much more than the travel guides recommend, whether you’re visiting the city for the first time or 100th.

For a visit like no other, let me introduce you to some places and attractions in the lakeside city that might seem  quite underrated, but will surely give you the best time.

1.Dunga Beach

The famous Dunga beach is well known for its cultural diversity, biodiversity, and diverse papyrus marsh ecology and population. The beach has a unique eco-cultural attractiveness that will make you want to come to the site again and again.

Coupled with the serene environment and cool breeze accentuated by its nearness to Lake Victoria, Dunga beach is undoubtedly the tourist attraction site you should visit next.

Also at the beach is very rich Wetlands that empowers the local community and improve the security of this region.

Not to forget, fish is also served here fresh and hot. If you want to treat yourself to some mbuta and ngege, you now know where to go to.

2.Hippo Point

Hippo point is the perfect place for the nature lovers.

Rather than the infrequent hippos, it is well renowned as a viewing location for its clear sunsets across the lake. The area’s well situated geographical location on Lake Victoria allows for easy and open viewing of sunset and even hippopotamuses.

In addition, a fishing port and a camping area are present. You can take a boat trip and observe birds and hippos in their native habitats while at Hippo Point. While taking in the breathtaking views of the city from the water, you can go fishing.

Holidays and weekends see lots of people congregating at Hippo Point to watch the sunset or just to meet up with friends and foes.

  1. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, which is located on the edge of Lake Victoria, is a beautiful, tranquil area to take in the city’s natural splendor.

The refuge is home to various primate species, rare Sitatunga antelopes, Impalas, Big Cats, Giraffes, Buffalos, and Cheetahs.

In addition to its location next to Lake Victoria, the sanctuary also has 5 campsites, each of which has a stunning and full view of the lake. The site allows room for nature hikes, glass-bottomed boat tours, and bird watching.

  1. Dunga Hill Camp.

If you are in kisumu and you are the type who attends parties after parties, then Dunga Hill Camp is your place for comfort and enjoyment.

Drinks are served here in plenty as live music serenade your ears with beautiful ladies also showing what they can do with what their mama gave them, I tell you, you wanna come to Dunga Hill Camp.

Its location along Lake Victoria accentuates the vibe, imagine listening to music, having your favourite drink served, having the best of company with sweetheart (aswito as they say in Kisumu), what more can one ask for? Make a date bwana!

5.Kisumu Museum

Kisumu Museum is another rich tourist attraction site that the lake side city boasts of.

The museum is located along the Kericho-Kisumu route, in Kisumu City.

It was established in 1980 and it shares and preserves knowledge on scientific and cultural topics with a focus on Kisumu County and the surrounding regions (former western Kenya). Culture and history of western Kenya are displayed here.

A large collection of fauna and flora species is one of the museum’s main attractions.

The most prominent creatures were mostly reptiles and amphibians that were found in western Kenya. Together with other customary items from this neighborhood, you can also visit a typical Luo farmhouse.

International and local workshops and seminars can be held at the Kisumu Museum. Rusinga Islands, Fort Tenan, and Thimlich are just a few of the historical landmarks that are connected to the museum.

6.Kiboko Bay

The resort, which offers you the luxury of enjoying the tour feel of an African Safari in the utmost comfort, has consistently been ranked as one of the top resorts in Kisumu.

The resort, which was formerly a quarry where lake rocks and sand were extracted, is now a warm destination for vacationers and business travelers. The stunning lakeside location is the perfect escape for honeymooners and overworked business travelers to unwind.

Amazing natural and lovely sights abound at Kiboko Resort.

The site is also a famous known spot for boat racings and awesome view of the sunset.

  1. Kit Mikayi

About 1 mile from the Kisumu-Bondo road and around 29 kilometres west of Kisumu lies Kit Mikayi, a sizable rock with three other rocks on top.

You will be astounded to learn about the many tales and legends associated with the location and even have the opportunity to visit the surrounding caverns. They are frequently utilized as Legio Maria worship locations.

Climb the cliff to see Kisumu City, the Kisumu International Airport, the Rolling Lands, and Lake Victoria in all their splendor.

  1. Lake Victoria

At Kenya’s former western province lies the beautiful Lake Victoria. This huge lake creates a natural boundary between Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. The lake is the engine of the African continent, the origin of the amazing Nile River.

This huge water body is full of fish, with shimmering shoals of beautiful cichlids as well as large Nile Perch.

Fishing brings lots of people to this lake, primarily to search for Nile Perch, which is a world-class game.

Kisumu is blessed with so many tourist attraction sites  I must say. I just mentioned a few of the sites. Spare some time off your schedule and visit one of the above listed sites, you’ll come back to this article and ask for more tourism tips.


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