Kenyans to get UK Visa in 15 days

By Elijah Odhiambo

Kenyans applying for a United Kingdom Visa will now have their applications processed and returned within 15 days following the launch of the UK Visas and Immigration’s (UKVI) upgraded Visa Application Center.

Ms. Dominique Hardy, head of the UK Visa & International Network, formally inaugurated the improved Visa Application Center of the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) on Monday enabling customers purchasing the service to feedback within 24 hours.

The new service called the Super Priority Visa Service, according to Ms. Hardy will make service delivery become seamless and efficient to customers.

“I am delighted that we have opened a larger, improved Visa Application Centre in Nairobi which will benefit all of our customers. We are now able to offer the Super Priority Next Day Visa service in Kenya as part of our continuous efforts to improve our service offer to our customers,” she said.

At the renovated TLSContact Visa Application Center in Westlands Nairobi, applicants can now print their UK visas on-site, and their applications will now be completed and returned within 15 working days.

The British High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriott speaking at the launch of the service said that the in-country printing exemplifies the levels of commitment the UK has and her willingness to work with Kenya.

“The return to in-country printing in Nairobi is a mark of respect and demonstrates our commitment to the Kenya-UK Strategic Partnership. Our people form a key part of that partnership and I’m delighted we are able to offer an improved visa service in Kenya,” Marriott said.

The move is meant to eliminate delays in visa printing as the country would not rely on the regional centre in South Africa.

“Through the centre, you will come in, give your application, have your biometrics taken and the decision is made in South Africa where we have our regional centre. (Once notified) you come back to collect your passport.

“Today we’re opening these offices to ensure a much better experience for our Kenyan friends who are coming here. Visas will now be printed here in Kenya,” Marriott added.

Ms. Dominique Hardy is currently in the country this week for a visit to Nairobi.

During her trip, she met government officials, members of the business community and staff at the British High Commission.


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