Twiga rumps up agency model as 117 former staff join in

Twiga Foods has been buoyed by the recent decision of its 117 staff to join its agency model as it rolls out a new business transformation strategy.

The agri-tech firm laid off 221 workers as it moves to introduce sales agents as partners in a move to grow its customer base.

“By March next year, we want to ensure the number of agents who work with Twiga is over 1000 so this more around the change in the business model”, its CEO Peter Njonjo said.

Previously the firm had a sales team on fixed salaries, but with the change in business, terminated contracts effective November 30, 2022.

Mr. Njonjo stated that they paid redundancies and accrued leave days. The employees who did not accept the new terms were also not compelled to work during the one-month notice period.

The company previously disclosed it had a workforce of 1,000.

The company had in October stopped its engagement with expatriates who were offering different services across various departments.

Twiga also cut its staff per diem for the remaining staff from a high of Ksh4,000 to Ksh1,000 where accommodation has been provided on a single room bed and breakfast basis.

The firm has set its eyes on expanding to the West and Central African market.


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