YEGO commences taxi-hailing operations in Kenya

YEGO is the first licensed taxi app by NTSA in Kenya

YEGO Global has launched taxi-hailing operations in Kenya through its subsidiary – YEGO Mobility Kenya Limited.

Besides having the lowest commissions in the industry at 12 percent, YEGO drivers are provided personal accident insurance at no cost and medical insurance to qualifying Drivers.

Fares will also be kept in line with the prevailing fuel prices and traffic situations, and drivers can withdraw their earnings on demand with the actual processing fees.

A drivers’ SACCO (savings and credit cooperative) is being set up and YEGO Mobility Kenya has committed to pay 10 percent of its dividend to the SACCO to secure the Drivers’ future.

Karanvir Singh, CEO and Founder of YEGO Global said that they are proud to see YEGO Mobility as the first licensed app by NTSA in Kenya.

YEGO Global has been operating in Rwanda since 2016 where it became the first licensee in Rwanda to provide a smart mobility solution using Intelligent Connected Fare Meters (ICFM).

It has 100 percent market share of the taxicab and boda boda market in Kigali and will expand to cover the entire country. Being the sole licensee in Rwanda, YEGO is all set to drive secure and smart digitization for the boda and taxicab industry.

“Our innovative “frugal” approach allows us to design a solution for emerging markets, where Driving a Taxicab or Boda is a fulltime job and not a Gig. Our low-friction approach not only ensures that we are fair to both Drivers and Passengers, but that we are sustainable for decades to come”, explained Singh.

While Apps make it convenient to book a ride, YEGO goes a step further by enabling Passengers to instantly start a ride by simply scanning a QR code with the unique ‘Pair Ride’, a feature not available with any other ride-hailing companies. The Passengers’ destination and preferred payment option is seamlessly transferred to enable navigation and fare calculation. The in-App wallet allows passengers to simply walk away at the end of the ride without having to pull out cash or even enter a PIN.

YEGO takes Passenger and Driver security seriously and in addition to a stringent vetting process has a 24/7 Call Centre that can be contacted instantly. Passengers and Drivers can reach them on 0730 818181 to book rides 24/7, 365 days a year.

“Our courteous, multilingual agents are ready to help overcome language barriers, help with landmark-based navigation and resolve any issues that may arise for either Passengers or Drivers,” explained Singh. YEGO’s passenger feedback for the Rwanda Call Centre has been overwhelmingly positive as people are delighted to have the human “touch”, instead of having to send emails or look for answers on an App.

YEGO has invested over two years in the Kenya project.

In just 15 days, over 5,000 Drivers have joined YEGO, the company stated as they hoped to increase them in the coming days.



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