Scenic picnic sites in Nairobi

  1. Ngong Hills Forest Reserve – This charming location, which is located about 30 minutes outside of Nairobi, provides breathtaking views of the cityscape, Ngong Hills, and the surrounding countryside.
  2. Misitu Raha – (Achi’s Ranch, Karen) located in Karen, Nairobi. The scenic spot offers horse riding, quad biking, cycling, nature walks, and camping, among other activities.
  3. Oloolua Nature trail Nairobi is one of those places where the allure of the natural world conjures up images of lush meadows covered in dense, brilliantly green forests with towering trees.
  4. Olepolos country club is past Kiserian town on the road to Lake Magadi. The view truly awakens your senses to the magnificence of the natural world. The ambiance is beautiful. Enjoy some Nyama Choma.
  5. The Langata botanical gardens is the ideal picnic location. With its spacious and picturesque setting, it provides a pleasant place for relaxing with winding paths through the nature trail, secluded lawns, and bandas.
  6. Paradise Lost is a picnic area in the middle of a coffee farm, just a 10-minute drive from Nairobi’s city center. It features caves that have a magnificent entrance endowed by an impressive waterfall of the Gichi river.
  7. Evergreen Park in Nairobi offers some lovely tree species and a man-made dam that provides you with the best natural breezes. It is a quick getaway from the busy world for picnics with friends and families.
  8. Karura Forest – An ideal location for a serene picnic surrounded by nature. An afternoon picnic in the tranquility of Karura Forest is ideal. There are many walking, cycling, and hiking trails there, as well as a variety of plants and animals.
  9. Nairobi National Park – Instead of going for a game drive only, why not have a picnic inside the park? Yes, it is allowed and safe. There are four designated picnic sites and they are always guarded by rangers. You need to carry all the items you need.
  10. Nairobi Arboretum: With its abundance of native and exotic trees, this place has a forest-like atmosphere and gorgeous scenery. It has a large number of benches and is the ideal spot for a picnic because the nearby stream trickles deep into the forest.
  11. Sinkale gardens. Here, you can hear birds chirping and the water trickling down rocks, and through the stream. In the middle of this serenity, there are seats made from stone where people can host picnics. Picnickers can carry their food, games, and drinks and hire a barbecue grill. There is station for pampering pets. It has a bathtub with warm water and grooming tools. It is located at the very edge of the Kerarapon Valley.

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