Safaricom dismissed 24 staff due to fraud

Safaricom dismissed 24 staff due to fraud in the financial year 2021/22, a decrease from 28 it dismissed in the financial year 2020/21, the telco revealed.

In its 2022 sustainability business report, the mobile operator stated that it recorded 82 percent fraud detection and prevention either as an info-icon or as a bullet point.

The company reported five cases to law enforcement agencies while three Safaricom staff received disciplinary warnings.

In the report, the company stated that it is proactively managing fraud in the light of ever-changing social engineering schemes. “We continued to conduct training for staff through fraud awareness sessions, together with fraud training for our M-PESA agents, dealers and suppliers. We also continued to help customers safeguard themselves from fraud by educating them on how to protect themselves on the network by safeguarding and protecting their data and sensitive information. In addition, we provided tips on common fraud schemes”, the report states.

In its outreach to customers, they communicated through media campaigns on radio, TV and digital channels; as well as SMS broadcasts, fraud tips on USSD menus and the addition of a fraud awareness page to the corporate website.

A highlight in FY22 was the introduction of the *106# service which aims to tackle identity theft. The service allows customers to confirm their numbers and report unknown numbers. It also helps with managing identity theft cases and provides fraud tips on one of the sub-menus.

The reported added that their business partners – suppliers, dealers and M-PESA agents – play a key role in upholding their brand and reputation, hence they continued to promote ethical business practices through ethics sessions and fraud training. “Topics covered included ethics and risk management best practices, regulatory requirements regarding key elements, common fraud types and fraud prevention tips, reporting obligations and channels, cyber and information security, as well as physical security for businesses,” the report reads.

During the financial year, the company also recorded the least anti-corruption corrective measures in the last four years it undertook as investigations. The reported recorded 27 cases, against 36, 35 and 30 in the previous years.

The telco stated that it is prioritizing fraud management and data privacy as part of its ongoing efforts to deepen its reputation.


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