Jambojet cargo rates

Jambojet has revised its cargo rates as it automated its cargo management as below;

Old Rates New Rates
Kenya local Kenya Ex NBO – Rates starting from
MInimum Usd 35.00 Minimum 0-10KGs $10
 +45kgs    $45.00 11-49KGs $15
+100kgs   $60.00  +50KGs $21
+250kgs   $70.00  +100KGs $38
150-500KGs $54
MBA to KIS/EDL – Rates starting from
Minimum 0-10KGs $23
11-49KGs $28
 +50KGs $48
 +100KGs $83
150-500KGs $108
NBO-Goma NBO-Goma
Minimum $100.00 Min. 0-34KGs $85
+45kgs     $2.30 35-44KGs $2.5 per KG
+100kgs   $2.26  +45KGs $2.25 per KG
+250kgs   $2.10  +100KGs $2.10 per KG
+500kgs   $2.05  +250KGs $2.05 per KG
+1000kgs $2.00  +500KGs $2.00 per KG
 +1000KGs $1.55 per KG
Fuel Surcharge $0.1 per KG
Documents or parcels of up to 2kg per piece.
Valuables, Electronics, DGR


JM Repatriation USD KES
NBO-KIS/MBA and vice versa       20,000
NBO-EDL/UKA/MYD/LAU and vice versa       25,000
MBA-KIS/EDL and vice versa       30,000
NBO -GOM and vice versa USD 900


All rates, except courier, excluding handling charges and customs (bond fees).


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