Twiga Foods launches third party fleet marketplace

Twiga Foods has launched a third party fleet marketplace in partnership with NCBA and Isuzu East Africa, providing an opportunity for people to invest trucks and get regular monthly income.

Through the partnership, NCBA will provide financing, once investors pump in 10 percent of the value of the vehicle which will be deployed with Twiga Foods while Isuzu will provide the new trucks.

Speaking during the vehicle handover and flag-off ceremony, Twiga Group CEO, Peter Njonjo confirmed that the latest move will go a long way in creating sustainable working solutions in Kenya and across East Africa.

“To transform the Africa retail market and build more robust and efficient supply chains that support business growth for suppliers, there’s need to leverage the latest technology, modern distribution and logistics models,” he said.

The partnership will see up to 300 Isuzu trucks being released into the marketplace in phases while the investors will be receiving monthly income for the next six years.

Isuzu EA Managing Director Rita Kavashe noted that reliable transport for fresh agricultural produce is critical to mitigate against waste and losses caused by poor storage and transportation from the farm to the market.

As the strategic partnership was being launched the companies flagged off 15 Isuzu commercial trucks to boost affordability and safe delivery of fresh produce to retailers across the region.

“Our distribution network is one of the keys to keeping our agri-food system functioning in normal and extraordinary times and we rely heavily on the trucking and transportation industry to make that happen,” added Mr. Njonjo

Njonjo added that the trucking and transportation system is entrenched in the strength, safety and viability of the food value chain.

NCBA Group Managing Director John Gachora said that Asset financing has been a key pillar and contributor to their overall growth and success.

“With a market share of more than 35 percent in asset finance, this means that our customers trust our asset finance solutions,” he said.

The latest model of Isuzu trucks comes with a bold new design that offers the highest load carrying capacity, largest deck length and longest range to transverse maximum distance.

Isuzu East Africa has also customized the trucks to allow airflow, shelving, fuel, and location tracking to support a seamless logistics process.

The collaboration also seeks to offer an unrivalled service delivery of food, providing fresh, high-quality products directly to retailers across East Africa.


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