Black & White, H_Art the Band launch Black and White Affairs

Black & White Blended Scotch Whisky has partnered with the popular live fusion trio H_art the Band to unveil the Black and White Affairs in a bid to connect to a younger target market.

Black and White Affair will be a series of immersive consumer experiences that bring together consumers to celebrate culture through music, art, food, and fashion.

Speaking at the launch event, Head of Marketing Spirits – Diageo, Flavia Othim said the partnership with H_art the Band is part of their ongoing commitment to promote and grow the creative sector. “These out-of-town events create short-term gigs for both young people and small businesses which in turn helps to contribute to the growth of local economies.”

She added that working with homegrown artists is in line with KBL’s pledge to the SDG Global agenda to provide opportunities for young people.

H_art the Band has carved an identity in the Kenyan music scene with hit songs that leave fans asking for more. Their new album ‘Party Time’ is a bolder, more fun approach that shows their growth.

“This partnership is a reflection of the direction that our music is taking, bold and playful yet still. The collaboration is not just a rubber stamp for the hard work we have put in but an indication of the opportunities for the creative sector to work with brands. We look forward to showcasing what we have in store for our fans in the coming months,” said Mordecai of H_art the Band.

For every two bottles of 1 litre Black and White whisky purchased in outlets and e-commerce platforms, consumers will receive a barbeque set as a limited offer.

Whisky consumption in Kenya has traditionally been associated with established more luxurious brands. However, as consumer tastes continue to evolve there is an emerging demand for good quality blended whiskies that are gentler on the pocket.

Black and White is a classic old blend of some of the finest whiskies in Scotland, with a high proportion of quality grain whisky.

Since its inception in 1904, B&W Scotch Whiskey prides itself as a whiskey that is created for everyone to elevate everyday moments. #Better together.


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