KCB launch Simba Rewards loyalty rewards program

KCB Bank Kenya has unveiled Simba Rewards loyalty rewards campaign that seeks to appreciate its customers, merchants, and agents with Ksh13 million

Simba Rewards will see customers and partners who perform the highest number and value of transactions through Money Transfers, Vooma and Bank Agents, Card transactions, securing loans, or increased deposits by MSME and Premium customers, get cash rewards throughout the campaign that runs until December 2022.

Qualifying transactions include sending money, receiving money from businesses and customers, and transfers from a financial institution to KCB Bank mobile wallets and accounts.

Through the six target groups, KCB looks at incentivizing customers who engage with the different banking channels and in turn get cash rewards of up to Ksh10,000 per customer depending on the transaction category.

KCB Bank Director of Retail Banking, Annastacia Kimtai said the move it meant to appreciate and recognize their customers for doing business with us. “Our goal is to strengthen our partnerships and relationships,” she added.

The initiative spearheaded by the bank is aimed at supporting its customers in their journey to utilizing the non-branch banking channels currently available and offering more personalized unique value propositions. It further cements the support the Bank has been offering its customers through the #PartnerKwaGround, a campaign that seeks to empower the SME sector.


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