Kwezi Safaris feted for sustainable business operations

The Tour Operator affirm commitments to responsible and sustainable tourism.

Kwezi Safaris, a Kenyan-based tours and travel operator has been recognized in the UK for sustainable operations. The company was awarded the Travelife Partner level award in recognition of its commitment to sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility.

“We are proud to become one of the first Kenyan tour and travel companies to be recognized for sustainable operations. Our goal has always been to run a company that creates unforgettable memories for our customers and yet contributes to the sustainable development of local communities and the protection of the environment,” Kwezi Safaris CEO Mr. George Nchau said.

Kwezi Safaris Ltd complies with more than 100 criteria related to an operator’s office management, product range, international business partners and customer information. The Travelife Partner level standard is covering the ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility themes, including environment, biodiversity, human rights and labour relation.

Commenting on the Award, Travelife for Tour Operators General Manager Mr. Naut Kusters said that the tourism sector must not remain indifferent to the sustainability challenges of our times.

Travelife is a training, management and certification initiative for tourism companies committed to reaching sustainability with a primary focus on hotels, accommodations, tour operators and travel agencies. On its online platform, it offers educational tools, exams and a step-by-step certification process.

It is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and travel agents: (1) Travelife Engaged; (2) Travelife Partner, and (3)Travelife Certified.

Kwezi Safaris is the first company in Kenya to have reached the Travelife Partner award (Stage2).

The idea of sustainability – and its three pillars of economic, environmental and social action – is now a part of decision-making in many fields. In the tourism sector, as for other industries, the implementation of sustainable development relies on companies accepting their social and environmental responsibilities towards society, and making changes to their business practices to improve their sustainability performance.

In Kenya, Travelife works in close partnership with Ecotourism Kenya, who is managing the customized scheme. Jointly, Travelife, Ecotourism Kenya and KATO are presently implementing an EU funded initiative (Green Tour Kenya) to work towards a sustainable travel sector in Kenya. The project aims to support more than 100 KATO members in the adaptation of common sustainability standards.

Grace Nderitu, Ecotourism Kenya CEO, noted that the certification complements the eco-rating certification standard for accommodation facilities and jointly works to give an assurance that Kenya’s tourism is sustainable.


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