Kenchic launches crispy chicken

Kenchic Limited has launched a breaded-chicken range of products, designed to be easy to cook at home and deliver a tasty experience. The products under this range include Crispy Kuku Nuggets, Bites, Strips and Burger patty.

On sale, initially, at Carrefour and Chandarana supermarkets, the Crispy products have been designed to inject new verve and variety into the home-cooking options for chicken, which is now Kenyans’ most popular meat choice. This is a major innovation for Kenchic in its aim to refresh perceptions of the brand and build further opportunity to engage consumers who enjoy eating chicken.

“The new range is fast and easy to cook at home and delivers a thoroughly fashionable home treat at a more moderate cost, which is particularly important at a time when food budgets are becoming seriously stretched, but families still want to bring in ‘special’ foods for ‘special’ occasions,” said Mr. Jim Tozer, Managing Director at Kenchic.

The launch comes as Kenyans continue to shift towards chicken consumption, driven largely by health considerations. Chicken offers a high-protein option for families, with typically around 48g of protein per 200g portion compared with beef and red meats that average 43g. Yet chicken has far lower calories, at 215 calories per 200g of chicken compared with 349 calories for the same amount of beef, and it is also lower in saturated fats, which can raise blood cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease.

The launch of the new-style chicken followed research by Kenchic that identified an emerging generation gap in eating habits, with youth sometimes pulling away from family gatherings and celebratory meals, which traditionally represent a foundation stone of family quality time and bonding and heading off for younger and more modern foods.


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