Five ways technology changed soccer

Soccer is passion, goals, shouting, partying, but it is also a technology, because after each game a whole group of technicians and technological gadgets create the experience of the soccer game that we watch every time in the stadium or our TVs. These are some of the ways that technology changed soccer.

  1. Equipment and safety

Before in soccer, players wore only pullovers, socks, boots and shorts, but nowadays players have greater protection since it is mandatory to play with light plastic shin guards. Goalkeepers also have larger gloves that increase grip area. The boots also underwent an upgrade, the old ones were heavy, made of leather and only came in black color. Currently, the boots are designed to protect the feet of the players, made of light plastic, in various colors and allow players to run much faster.

  1. Television

Television is one of the things that has most influenced this sport. Since the first World Cup was televised in 1954, there have been many advances, currently being the sporting event with the greatest coverage worldwide.

  1. Social networks & websites

Fans can share their experiences of a game on social networks such as facebook and Twitter, while players communicate with fans in the same way by completely changing the old-school way of doing things, even coaches have been segregated by these means. There are also phenomenal websites that allow you to track free livescore and be updated about any soccer game in real-time.

  1. The ball

The balls of 60 years ago were leather balls with very bad aerodynamics, in wet terrain, it was really a nightmare to play with these balls and it was a real nightmare when you had to kick a ball with a head and it’s full of water. Currently, the balls are full of technology, made of leather and plastic, waterproof and highly aerodynamic.

  1. Goal-line technology

Since last year, FIFA has approved the use of cameras on the goal line to determine when a ball entered the goal. This technology is really a breakthrough since precisely this has been the subject of great discussions because it was only possible to trust the decision of the referee.


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