Kenyan Mohammad Adil breaks Guinness World Record for most Burpees under 12 hours

Mohammad Adil broke the record!!! After 12 hours of pushing his body to the limit, Adil breaks Guinness World Record for Most Burpees Under 12 Hours setting the new record to 7415

Extreme fitness athlete and health coach Mohammad Adil Abdool aka Mr. Shredded broke Guinness World Record for the Most Burpees under 12 hours (male) on Saturday 31st of July 2021 with 7,415 burpees.

Adil began his challenge at 6 am and completed it at 6 pm at the Nairobi Street Kitchen.

He broke the record by surpassing the previous record holder with 120 burpees.

During the event, Adil received support from family, friends, his coach and onlookers at the venue. Adil pushed his body to the limit suffering from muscle pull and spasm but with the support of the guests, he pulled through and managed to break the record.

“Never doubt Mr. Shredded! My mission has just begun. With stage one conquered, for the 1st time in my life, I’ve been able to display the strength of the human body and mind. When I woke up that morning, I decided pain would be my norm today. As the day went by, I had to dig deep and begin to enjoy that pain. My mind went into a trance with one voice guiding me, the one of Amit Soni,” he noted

The event was supported by Nairobi Street Kitchen who provided a venue and drinks for him to do the challenge. Breathe Media organized and facilitated everything to ensure Adil was able to focus on the prize.

The official attempt will be verified by the Guinness World Records team as per their guidelines if a representative is not available and he will receive his award within 10 days of submission.


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