KIKAO64 opens co-working hub in Eldoret

Guided by principles of equal-opportunity, community and knowledge-sharing, Kikao64 aims to support individuals, businesses, startups and nonprofits fulfill their potential.

Kikao64 has opened a co-working space, an ‘inspirational hub’, in the centre of Eldoret town.

Inspired by the Swahili word ‘kikao’ (a place of coming together), Kikao64 was conceived as a modern gathering place where people can work, connect and thrive, in a space designed to provide a fully serviced, flexible and conducive environment to increase business opportunities especially for young people in Eldoret.

Kikao64 offers members either daily, weekly, or monthly passes through an online booking system.

State-of-The-Art Amenities

Stylishly and sustainably designed, the new space is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, including 100 fully serviced and spacious workstations, three private offices and two meeting rooms equipped with whiteboards and TV screens.

Kikao64 is supported by a dedicated on-site team of customer service professionals. In addition to being connected to one of the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi and internet connections in Kenya, Kikao64 also offers auxiliary services such as printing and other key consulting services on company registration, legal, tax and audit matters and web design and social marketing.

Comfortable furnishings, an in-house café and set in a spacious garden, ensure that Kikao64 is a productive, friendly and efficient all-in-one place to get things done.

Responsive to Eldoret’s new needs

Kikao64 is a comprehensive response to Eldoret’s new high-tech community of entrepreneurs, start-ups, nonprofits, freelancers and creatives with a growing demand for flexible modern office spaces in their home town – Eldoret.

Environmentally friendly

Housed in a sensitively restored heritage building, Kikao64 not only conserves the charm of the original architecture but is also designed and refurbished to the highest environmental standards.

For instance, the desks were built from reclaimed timber, the office spaces partitioned using recycled milk cartons, phone booths soundproofed using felt from old clothing and blanket lines, while the windows and door grills were made locally from wrought iron.

Additionally, space runs completely on solar power to light the rooms and charge laptops while rainwater is harvested, filtered and used for general cleaning and sanitation, and garden irrigation.

Meanwhile, the staff vegetable garden is kept healthy and green with natural compost.

A culture of collaboration and community

Kikao64’s mission is to cultivate opportunities each new day for its community of individuals, businesses, startups and nonprofits to work, connect and thrive.

Members will have access to regular networking sessions, training workshops and special events ranging from guest speakers to art exhibitions to film screenings.


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