Kenya exported goods worth sh20 billion more than UK imports

Kenyan exports to the United Kingdom last year were sh49.5 billion, against imports from the UK of sh29.3 billion, a period in which while the Kenyan exports increased, UK imports decreased.

In 2019, Kenyan exports stood at sh39.7 billion while imports from UK were sh35.3 billion over the same period.

Kenya imports vehicles, machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers, pharmaceutical products, printed books, paper and paperboard, articles of pulp, paper and board newspapers, pictures and beverages, spirits and vinegar from the UK.

It also buys electrical, electronic equipment, textile articles, sets, worn clothing, miscellaneous chemical products, ships, boats, and other floating structures.

Kenya and the UK signed a Free Trade Agreement on December 8th, which will allow British firms to ship in goods duty-free for 25 years.

“Kenya is offering to open 82.6 percent value of total trade to the UK over an extended transition period (up to 25 years with a seven-year moratorium) constituting of mainly raw materials, capital goods, intermediate products, and all other essential goods,” Cabinet Secretary Betty Maina said in an explanatory memorandum accompanying the EPA that was tabled in Parliament on December 22, for ratification.

The National Assembly’s Trade, Industry and Cooperatives committee on Thursday tabled its report on its consideration of the EPA, setting the stage for debate by the House.

Kenya and UK Parliaments are required to ratify the agreement in order to take effect


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