Azziad Nasenya among top ten TikTok’s most popular Kenyan creators

Actor and entertainer Azziad Nasenya has made it to the top ten most popular Kenyan content creators on TikTok for 2020.

She came to the limelight with the Utawezana challenge as she posted a video of her dancing to the song done by Femi One and Mejja.

Boniswa Sidwaba, TikTok Content Operations Manager, Africa, explained that throughout this socially-distant year, the platform allowed its community to stay connected by celebrating trends and spreading positivity. “It has been amazing to see vibrant, diverse and creative content coming out of 2020 and we look forward to more of this in 2021.”

Here are the full lists of content creators that stood out in the year;

10 of TikTok’s most popular Kenyan creators

In no particular order, here they are:

  1. azz_iad
  2. _rexxie 
  3. officiallaura         
  4. justtotallyrandom
  5. naughty_by_nature11                       
  6. chadotagee 
  7. thee_pluto
  8. cindyk003
  9. iduissak
  10. kenyan.romeo

10 of the most memorable moments during lockdown

  1. dontrushchallenge
  2. howoldchallenge
  3. utawezana
  4. boredathome
  5. knowyou
  6. dudukechallenge
  7. africaday
  8. savagechallenge
  9. bananadrop
  10. wipeitdown

10 more challenges that went viral in Kenya this year

  1. allofmypretty
  2. happymothersday
  3. halloweenlooks
  4. photogenic
  5. seemeontrace
  6. attheparty
  7. timewarpscan
  8. cheatonme
  9. catchthecat
  10. facezoom

10 of the most popular effects on the platform.

  1. Green Screen
  2. Tear
  3. TikTok Message
  4. Green Screen Sticker
  5. Freeze Frame
  6. Shape Shift
  7. Color Customizer
  8. Raindrop
  9. BlingBling
  10. Animal Mouth

10 of the top viral, local songs based on the number of creations on TikTok.

  1. Kalale by Willis Raburu
  2. Utawezana  by Femi One
  3. Wangu by Nadia Mukami
  4. Maombi by Nadia Mukami
  5. Dusuma  by Otile Brown
  6. Watoto Na Pombe by Otile Brown
  7. Staga Niki Medi by Ethic
  8. Sota by Rekles and Mejja
  9. Litawachoma by Zuchu
  10. Cheche by Zuchu


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