Huawei rewards suppliers

Huawei recently hosted 44 suppliers at the annual Supplier Conference and Award Ceremony, an initiative aimed at acknowledging suppliers’ efforts in the execution of tasks, as well as going the extra mile to ensure service and project delivery, especially during the pandemic.

At the conference, advanced industry solutions and cooperation policies such as 5G, cloud, and enterprise services were showcased.

The suppliers represented various procurement divisions including, engineering service, general service and Logistics Administration service. The annual conference reiterated Huawei commitment to the existing supplier capability development which directly impacts Huawei’s growth and procurement strategy.

In attendance was the Procurement Qualification Department Director of Huawei Southern Africa Region, Mr. Ivan Zhu. He stated that Huawei, and its partners should continue to foster teamwork in achieving the same ultimate goal to guarantee customer satisfaction and achieve tremendous growth in the subsequent years.

At the conference, Huawei demonstrated the advanced CWS middle-end management platform to attendees. In addition, the MC remotely connected the onsite construction team leader through the intelligent helmets and interacted with attendees, impressing the attendees on the concept of digital delivery.

The supplier awards were categorized into two. The first was the Outstanding Team Leader Award -, and it was given to 14 outstanding team leaders who led in the delivery of onsite projects and service to Huawei. The second award, dubbed the Outstanding Self-Management Improvement Partner Awards, given seven organizations, who have showcased impeccable performance and service delivery in 2020

“I am thankful for the recognition of our hard work together, Huawei presentation on its future and how we can work together to achieve this is an assurance or Huawei’s promise of excellence and adding value to both its partners and customer.” As reiterated by one of the organizations that was awarded.

Huawei invests in supplier capabilities through regular training and coaching. In 2020, Huawei invested in building a hands-on training center for all ICT scenarios, providing more training opportunities for ICT industry technicians. This helps them mitigate risks and improve business efficiency.


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