More single women take up affordable homes than single men

Data from Mizizi Africa Homes indicates that single women are fast outpacing single men when it comes to homeownership.

It shows single women own 67 per cent of units in four of its affordable housing projects while single men own less than 10 per cent.

Most of these women are single mothers aged over 30 years mostly with two kids.

“We are increasingly recording more interest in our properties from women. Most single women will tell you they want to create financial security for themselves and they find it in real estate,” said Mizizi Africa Homes Chief Executive Officer, George Mburu.

There is no record of a single man owning any unit over the last one year, while a few units have been taken up by married men with young kids.

“It’s awesome, owning a home as a single woman is all about being comfortable and focused. Securing kids’ future is a priority for every single woman even if they get married later on,” said Bayo.

Kenya’s best female professional boxer, Fatuma Zarika who also owns a unit with Mizizi Africa homes said she needed to keep her family under a roof where she does not incur monthly rent costs and beat the high cost of living in the city.

“We needed somewhere we can have peace of mind. It is a very fulfilling accomplishment that gives you a sense of confidence and security especially after a very long period of suffering,” said Zarika.

Mizizi Africa began the process of deploying big data to its operations earlier in the year to boost efficiency of its operations and offer custom solutions to prospective homeowners.

“With a better understanding of our clients, we find new ways to help serve them even better by introducing new custom and targeted products as well as services that are solution oriented in future,” said Mburu.


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