Employers likely to move to payment based on task delivered

Employers are likely to shy away from man hours dedicated to work (monthly, weekly) to payment based on task delivered, communications experts have said.

Ms. Amanda Coleman, Managing Director of UK based crisis communication consultancy Amanda Coleman Communication Ltd asserted that this is due to the fact that the level of command and control employers had on their employees is now significantly minimal with many employers still figuring ways of tracking employee performance given that working from home does not help much with monitoring workflow.

“This may result in scenarios where an individual is offering their skill set to multiple organizations at the expense of their parent organization”, she said.

Ms. Amanda made the comments during a webinar hosted by Communication and PR firm Cause Impact Limited (CIL). Hosted by its Managing Director Kentice Tikolo, she said that individual branding may lead to individuals working for many different organisations, it is possible that this may be our new normal.

With many companies folding up and others laying off staff as a result of the pandemic, the forum examined the disruptions the new reality has caused and what can be done going forward. Speaking on the subject, H.E Manoah Esipisu, Kenya’s Ambassador to the UK, suggested that it is time for organizations to reassess their strategies and make decisions on what is important for their survival. “Going forward for organizations to thrive, they will need resilience, adaptation, salient leadership and authenticity,” he said, also stating that collaboration and innovation is key for organizations to thrive Post-COVID-19.

Brand Kenya CEO and President, PRSK Dr. Wilfred Marube, also present in the forum distinguished the idea that Brands need to incorporate rigorous research in their approach when engaging their stakeholders. “There is need for organizations to perceive themselves as primary contributors to the society and not only as entities with an obligation to their shareholders,” he said.


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