Baraza Media Lab partner with StudioTisa to launch a professional podcast recording studio

In a new partnership between Baraza Media Lab and StudioTisa, a new recording studio has been established to enable podcasters and video bloggers to be able to professionally create and publish their content online.

Baraza Media Lab and StudioTisa have partnered to launch a recording studio, dubbed Semabox@Baraza, which is located at the Baraza Media Lab.

The lab is an innovative space for networking, collaborating, and experimenting among Kenya’s media practitioners — journalists, bloggers, writers, artists, filmmakers, cartoonists, social media experts, technologists, and other cross-disciplinary collaborators.

“The podcasting industry is growing very fast in Kenya and we have found that there is a great demand for well recorded and edited creative content that can be published for a global audience,” said Dan Aceda, the Director of StudioTisa, the music and audio recording studio that has recently been known for innovative online live concerts, featuring headliner artists like Samido, Kambua and Kidum.

At Semabox, content creators will be able to professionally record their podcasts using broadcast quality equipment, get editing support from qualified sound engineers and benefit from the Baraza Media Lab’s networks and capacity building programs.

Christine Mungai, the curator at Baraza Media Lab said they are excited about Semabox because they aimed to provide a plug-and-play facility at very competitive rates to budding podcasters. “We will go even further by offering training to creatives on branding, distribution and commercialization of their podcasts,” she noted

The services offered at SemaBOX include:

1.    Professional Audio Recording and Editing: providing the space for podcasters to record and edit their content – all at very competitive rates (and a special discount for Baraza members!) They have a sound engineer on site to help with recording and technical issues.
2.    Audio Production Training: providing podcasters with the basic skills to record and edit their own podcasts, with the help of open-source tools.
3.    Content Development Training: partnering podcasters with seasoned media professionals who can provide mentorship and training, and introduce the new podcasters to a content development workflow that can accelerate their success.
4.    Media Business Training: offering masterclasses on business development for podcasters and introduce them to existing distribution channels and monetization opportunities.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the Baraza Media Lab has taken stringent measures to ensure that the Semabox studio is sanitized and made safe for content producers to comfortably produce their content.

The studio has been well received.



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