Kenya has over 15,000 wildlife trophies

An audit of government trophies has revealed that there are 15, 093 trophies, Najib Balala the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife has said in a gazette notice.

The notice states that there are 291 rhinocerous horns which weigh 606.27 kilograms and 14, 802 elephant ivory weighing 68,968.17 kilograms.

The audit is in fulfilling of the legal requirement in the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act (2013). Section 83(3) of the Act states that the Kenya Wildlife Service shall, in every year, audit the number of trophies in possession of the Government and publish the results of the audit in theĀ Gazette.

The law states that Government trophies and the property of the Government include any trophy found without an owner, any animal found dead or killed by accident or mistake, any animal killed in defense of life, or in other circumstances authorized and any animal killed by a member of the Service in the course of duty. However, this does not include trophies kept for cultural purposes.

It is illegal in Kenya to operate as a trophy dealer without a license issued by KWS.


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