Government banks on Nyumba Kumi to police COVID-19 patients

The Ministry of Health is banking on Nyumba Kumi Initiative and other the community policing groups such as the local administration and estate groups to monitor the Covid-19 patients on home-based care.

Health Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Mercy Mwangangi said this yesterday when she announced 59 new Covid-19 cases, raising the national tally to 4,797.

Dr. Mwangangi said the success of the home-care program required the active participation of “friendly forces” to ensure the compliance to isolation and care protocols.

While the initiative will be implemented under supervision of medical and public health officials, the other Health Chief Administrative secretary Dr. Rashid Aman said the community volunteers will be involved in the daily assessment of home-based patients.

He said the community health workers will be a key link between healthcare workers and the households.

Nyumba Kumi initiative will play a key role in home-based care in informal settlements whereby it will guide in the identification of institutions owing to the fact that most households have limited spaces.

Home-based care in the informal settlements where households share small spaces will require identification of institutions within the community that meet the recommendations for providing such care.

Dr. Mwangangi added that the ministry was working on partnerships with community-based organizations and civil society groups to roll out educational program to stop the stigma and to ensure that the public observes the containment measures. “Our renewed focus is now to strengthen community engagement structures in the counties.

“The success of this program, nonetheless requires the active participation of all of us, from the patients and caregivers at home, to healthcare providers in formal health facilities. “This is to ensure continued care, monitoring, and even referral of patients.”

So far, the government has released more than 600 Covid-19 patients showing no symptoms for home-based care, stepping up its plans to free-up bed spaces for seriously-ill patients in hospitals.

The ministry launched the home-based care a fortnight ago to lessen the burden being borne by public facilities owing to the increasing number of Covid-19 patients.

So far the total recoveries and deaths to 1,680 and 125, respectively.

Today, Kenya marks 102nd day when it recorded the first case.


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