This is how to run your business with an M-PESA Business Till

In these times of COVID-19 when you need to avoid physical contact and also generally the move towards cashless payments and financial processes in general, Safaricom is enabling businesses to run operations from a Business Till.

The move is meant to entrench the use of the Till, inter alia, for making payments at points of sale, to support businesses to run smoothly from the same service.

M-PESA Business Till allows businesses to pay salaries, suppliers, pay utility bills as well as sell airtime.


One can look at the option of selling airtime as an opportunity to diversify their business and earn an extra coin. In times of weak cash flow like currently amidst the pandemic, this can go a long way.

It is certainly secure since it eliminates use or need for carrying cash. From the till for instance, your staff can be paid directly to their M-PESA lines, giving them convenience to also buy whatever they need to.

The service is an opt-in, where business can join by dialing*234# and choosing the second option.

An interested business can also sign up to an M-PESA Business Till.


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