Treasury yet to disburse sh76 billion to counties for this financial year

Treasury is yet to disburse sh76 billion to counties in this financial year, 27 days to June 30th, a statement from the Council of Governors say.

The statement affirmed that while counties were allocated sh316 billion, only sh240 billion has so far been disbursed, indicating the financial strain national government is experiencing to raise revenues.

Governors cite this an one of the challenges they are facing in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

“The financial year ends in 27 days and gatekeepers of the money continue to create roadblocks for this disbursements”, the statement reads.

Governors stated this this delay has meant that salaries for staff and health workers is being delayed, causing anxiety and lack of morale.

The statement further said that among the effects of COVID-19 is reduced utilization of essential services. For instance, immunization among children under the age of one has gone down by 40 per cent between the months of March and April.


  1. A county is where people benefit from hence issuing money to a county will help a lot of people even the students who can not be able to pay their school fees then through bursaries they are able to learn. Thanks to the treasury for ensuring every county get a good sum


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