Kenyans redeem sh301 million Safaricom Bonga Points

Kenyans too advantage of the Bonga Points initiative to redeem sh301 million as Bonga Points in order to buy food and household items, Safaricom has said.

Launched in April, the loyalty program dubbed Bonga For Good Campaign lasted to June 3rd 2020, allow customers to not only buy but also share them with friends, colleagues and relatives in need.

According to Safaricom, customers spent most of their points on food, household purchases, solar equipment and paying bills for utilities like internet and Pay-TV.

By the end of phase one, more than 200,000 customers had redeemed more than 670 million points equivalent to over sh200 million, a big boost to the over 140,000 participating merchants at a period when business activities are suppressed.

According to Safaricom, the initiative sought to empower customers by handing them an extra cashflow to buy food and essential services by enhancing the value of Bonga Points by 50 per cent, from 20 cents to 30 cents, as a way of cushioning Kenyans against the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa noted that “We have seen Kenyans lose some or all of their income as result of this pandemic, making it difficult to meet their needs. This initiative seeks to empower Kenyans to use the points earned from using Safaricom products over the years to pay for their essentials or to donate them to the most vulnerable in the society.”

Businesses also encouraged customers to use Bonga Points for their purchases


Other that food items, customers could be able to settle water bill, electricity bill, home fibre and other utility bills using their bonga points by dialing *126# and select lipa na bonga.

Bonga Points loyalty programme was introduced in January 2007 and allows customers to earn one point for every sh10 spent on voice calls, short messages, data and M-Pesa services.


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