Huawei roots for better appreciation of cyber security and privacy protection

Adam Lane explained Huawei’s strategy on Smart Devices, Connectivity, Computing, Cloud and Providing Products and Solutions for three Customer Groups; i.e. Hundreds of Millions of Consumers, Global Carriers, Global enterprises, Governments and Industries.

Huawei has urged organizations to take greater steps in appreciating the threat that cyber security and privacy protection portends in this digital world, underscoring that even the World Economic Forum ranks Cyber Attacks the third biggest threat to mankind, behind extreme weather and natural disasters.

Huawei Deputy CEO, Public Affairs Adam Lane was speaking at ICASA mini conference. “Intelligent world calls for global connectivity and mutual trust that will maintain global prosperity, that Huawei is committed to providing technology for all and technology for good that prioritizes development, enhances global collaboration, promotes innovation and ensures ubiquitous connectivity, digitization and AI. However, with this technology comes unprecedented challenges like cyber security”, he said.

At the mini conference, Mercy Wanjau, the Ag. Director General of Communications Authority said that digital connectivity drives every aspect of the Kenyan economy including creating jobs, increasing productivity and efficiency.

“From interconnected health systems to enhanced detection and response to the pandemic; to all levels of education going online; e-government, working from home;      e-commerce for business sustainability, amongst others. Therefore, digital connectivity is our new reality that is currently being critically tested with the systemic disruption caused by the current pandemic and associated risks” she said.

The Acting Director General also raised the cyber security concerns calling for more cyber awareness through all channels of communication, collaboration between local and international partners, and enhanced internal processes such as enhancement of incident handling, forensics investigation capabilities and upgrade of detection and analysis capabilities.

Ken Kaberia, Safaricom’s Head of Enterprise risk noted that remote work may have important benefits beyond resilience to Covid-19. These benefits may include improved productivity, lower cost production, improved Talent access, and high employee’s satisfaction. He advised organizations to set up COVID-19 crisis management /Nerve centers support because new behaviors can evolve into the new normal for organizations

Adam Lane added that Healthcare will not escape the ongoing industrial digitization and the importance of connectivity for homes, businesses and education. Governments should promote the construction of digital infrastructures

The theme of the mini-conference was maintaining Enterprise Resilience during Systemic disruption.


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