Perks of the Senate Majority Leader

The removal of Senator Kipchumba Murkomen as the Leader of Majority in the Senate has brought to the fore the perks that the office invites to the holder.

  1. The gross salary for Senators is normally sh710, 000. But being Majority Leader, one earns sh1, 056,000.
  2. There is a car fuel allowance of sh100,000. This will seize since only senators in leadership positions get this fuel card.
  3. There is also a sh300,000 monthly for hospitality.
  4. They have mandatory police escort.
  5. The holder also had eight bodyguards, who are all trained police officers.
  6. The Majority Leader has a researcher, a legal counsel, a fiscal analyst and a media officer.
  7. They also have a personal assistant of his choice, paid by the government, two secretaries, two office assistants, all paid by the government.
  8. The Majority Leader is leader of government business in the house and gets 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to move the government agenda.

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