Dancing to glory in times of COVID-19

Artists take long hours, days and weeks practicing to be perfect and dazzle when they eventually perform. A pandemic like the Corona Virus can certainly deprive them of this important piece of their puzzle, to enable them maintain sight of glory.

During the Chinese lockdown, members of the Shanghai ballet continued to practise while wearing facemasks – for their upcoming performance of Swan Lake. They took precautions, but remained focused on the next phase of their development.




Chen Lei, President of Huawei Southern Africa Region, affirmed that as the old poem notes, good honing does indeed give a sharp edge to a sword. He noted that as a company, they understand that ICT has a great role to play in terms of keeping us all connected during lockdown, quarantine and social isolation. “But technology is also fundamental to economic recovery for Africa.

The world has spent several weeks with shuttered schools and locked-down business, but conversations are now turning to how to reopen the economy. “It is becoming increasingly clear that the way to do that is not to rush back to the same busy, concentrated work and social environments we had before”, he said.

He was also inspired by a recent YouTube video of young South African dancer Hlumelo, who has been under lockdown in his home township of Gugulethu. A member of the Zama Dance School, Hlumelo has not let the lockdown hold him back, and has continued practising his steps for the moment when he and his friends can perform together again.

Like Hlumelo and the dancers of the Shanghai ballet, society should spend this time honing their abilities. When the new dawn arrives – as it surely will – let it find us well prepared to seize the day!

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This reminds of a saying from a Chinese poem that “Good honing gives a sharp edge to a sword. Bitter cold adds keen fragrance to plum blossom”. It implies that preparation is essential to being effective, and that hardship can shape ultimate success.

Indeed, chance favours the prepared mind.


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