Entrepreneurs’ first stop shop launched in Nairobi

Wild International has launched a one of its kind entrepreneurs first stop shop that will enable them secure services they would otherwise pay more expensively if they engaged them individually and directly.

Speaking on the launch, Wild’s Founder and CEO Joram Mwinamo said the two year journey has seen them spend over sh50 million.

Dubbed SNDBX, the center has 24 experts that can offer wide variety of support services to entrepreneurs including taxation issues, marketing, sales, design, innovation and governance among others.

“Costs of services supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs is very expensive. Part of those costs are because of the experts renting offices, hotel costs among others. We figured if we worked together to put these services under one roof and offer non-compete services, we could provide better value”, Joram remarked.

When an entrepreneur walks to SNDBX offices, someone will listen to them to diagnose their problem then lead them to an appropriate advisor.

Joram added that the space will also offer insights to entrepreneurs on the future.

SNDBX is seen as not only uniquely Kenyan, but also the only one around the world.


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