Sh1 million invested in Equity Group shares in January would have earned you sh620, 000 today

Equity Group has emerged the stocks to bank on in 2019, going by its bossy trading numbers, comparable to other stocks during the year.

As an investor in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), if you invested sh1 million on January 2nd 2019, today, 31st December 2019, you would have made sh540, 000. If you add dividends paid, you would be walking home with sh1,620, 000.

According to analysis done by Money Sense, the same amount invested at the same time in KCB, Longhorn and Safaricom would have earned you Sh1,270,000, Sh1,460,000, Sh1,410,000 and Sh1,420,000 respectively today.

Including dividends paid, your Sh1 million would have earned you Sh560,000, Sh550,000, Sh530,000 and 510,000 respectively.

The analysis by Money Sense as posted on their Facebook Page.

Barclays Bank, Cooperative Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Kakuzi all had more than 10 per cent increase in the share price during the same period. Barclays had 33 per cent while the least of them Standard Chartered had 11 per cent.

But shares in KPLC, Britam, Jubilee Insurance and Kengen would have earned negatives. Sh1 million invested in each of these would be worth Sh700,000, Sh860,000, sh840,000 and sh810,000 respectively.

KPLC suffered the most, losing 30 per cent of the stock price, followed by Britam and Jubilee Holdings at 14 per cent.

The total return of a stock is the total income earned, being, dividends plus capital gains and other distributions realized over a given period. Capital gains is the change in price during a holding period, the difference between the price at the beginning of the period and the price at the end of the period.


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