Bet on e-commerce as a gateway to better spending

A study done by Geopoll and Ipsos published earlier this month affirmed that 6 out of 10 of bettors are looking to spend their money on other items or other betting channels. The research was done following the government suspension of several betting firms.

The result that majority of bettors are looking to spend their money on other items provides an opportunity for traders who can offer value to the bettors.

Here is how

The average spend on betting by Kenyans aged 18 to 29 years, in a given month, according the report is sh1,550. It is possible for you to make an assortment of groceries and household goods like flour, bread, tea leaves and washing powder among others. These are available at discounted rates, unlike walking to a supermarket or a shop to buy the same.

There are also delivery options in different parts of Nairobi or home deliveries, saving time in the process.

Some 40 per cent of the bettors stated that they will be saving the money they would otherwise have used to bet. This is a great financial option for anyone, giving you more flexibility in due time.

Saving sh1,550 a month for six months could get you a variety of phones and phone accessories. The more you save, the better your spending abilities, the better your variety of quality products at your disposal.


It is possible that bettors will be looking to changing their spending habits. A correlation between the increase in betting also saw an increase in media expenditure by the betting company.

E-commerce platforms will need to consider more exposure of their goods if they want to lay claim to the disposable income that bettors have. They do not guarantee returns of the same value like betting companies, but other value propositions like price guarantee, quality, delivery timelines among others could be on the cards.

In increasing more visibility to products they offer, sensitivity must be taken to check the conversions made. These conversions, when satisfactorily done, could lead to referrals, more buys and loyalty.

Betting and e-commerce have a few things in common. They both rely on the internet and offer variety of payment or receiving options including mobile payment. For both, they take a leap of faith in what they want. This builds of destroys trust, key to their growth. As a result, conversion should be possible, once value is established.


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