Jumia is Kenya’s most searched e-commerce platform

Jumia Kenya has pipped competitors, becoming Kenya’s most searched e-commerce platform, a research by Reelforge and Tifa Research has revealed.

Dubbed the Kenya Media Landscape Report, it affirms that internet penetration has not only improved, but also a substantial improvement in the internet speeds and a reduction in costs. It says that these factors “have changed the way Kenyans fundamentally consume media and subsequently led to the proliferation of digital media.”

The e-commerce site records at least five people per day who spend close to nine minutes on the platform.

Jumia is ranked eleventh, being the only e-commerce site on the top 20 list that compromises mostly of news platforms, search engines, social media sites and betting sites.

The report further notes that internet is a noteworthy factor influencing the supply and demand of media in Kenya. “The number of mobile internet users has recorded enormous growth over the last five years. Growth in data subscribers could be attributed to the massive investments by mobile operators and Internet Service Providers into base stations and the last mile fiber optic transmission links to support the increasing bandwidth demand in the country,” the report reads in part.

It adds that the internet also facilitates on-demand access to content, anytime, anywhere on any digital device and has resulted in what is now referred to as the democratization of information.

For Jumia, this has provided it with an opportunity to increase utility of its mobile application, which they also drive by giving discounts. A customer is more likely to get better deals through the mobile application that directly on their website. This is even more during their anniversaries and significant marketing festivities like mobile week and Black Friday among others.

On mobile transactions, the report states that the number of mobile money transactions for 2018 stood at 586 million. The value of mobile commerce transactions increased from 1.763 trillion to 1.806 trillion.

The numbers speak to the ears of Jumia who in 2018, had, 70 per cent of all transactions made done through mobile money and rest 30 per cent through other payment methods including cash on delivery and card payments, according to its 2019 whitepaper.


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