Outpouring of emotions as Bob Collymore will be cremated today

Kenyans will be borrowing another leaf from departed Bob Collymore who will be laid to rest today, a day after his shocking death. Going by his sentiments to friends, he was prepared for the next life but for Kenyans, he was still the man who admired and respected for having led the biggest firm in East and Central Africa in stellar performance for seven years.

Safaricom Chairman Nicholas Ng’ang’a affirmed that “Bob will be laid to rest tomorrow (today) in a private ceremony and a memorial will be held either on Thursday or Friday but more information will be shared in due course,” said the chairman. He will be cremated.

In his befitting eulogy, Radio Africa Group CEO Patric Quarcoo said “he caused a change in all his friends – he made us more human, warmer like himself and willing to open up and sometimes vulnerable. He made me and a bunch of stuck-up men unbutton our shirts and become men who thought a lot more about purpose.”

Michael Joseph, the former CEO and Board member added “You’ve all experienced Bob, his largeness, his enthusiasm, his greatness, his affinity with people and I think that’s what has driven this company and what Bob has done for this company.”

Kenyans of all walks of life took to Twitter to express their appreciation of the life he lived with them.









Born on 13th January 1958 in Guyana, he died on 1st July 2019 (61 years old) in Nairobi. Fare thee well.


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