Michael Joseph appointed Safaricom interim CEO

Michael Joseph has gone back to the helm of Safaricom on an interim basis as the CEO, following the demise of Bob Collymore.

In a statement released to the public, the company’s Secretary Kathryne Maundu said that “the Board resolved to appoint Mr. Michael Joseph, a Board member of the Company, as the interim Chief Executive Officer of the Company with immediate effect.”

Mr. Joseph will hold this position until the Board communicates in due course, on a permanent appointment.

Known within Safaricom circles as its founding CEO, Michael steered the company to the heights Bob continued to scale. He accomplished a feet that one would have envied the successor, but Bob took his own trajectory with the firm.

Commenting on the transition, Patrick Quarcoo who was one his Bob’s closest friends said “Bob did not fill Michael’s shoes, he made his own shoes. Sewn with his relentless commitment to excellence and hard work, he created a new higher and noble purpose for Safaricom – serve the customer, serve the society, change lives and build employees. He made everyone aspire to be better with humanity, his deep warmth, unvarnished honesty and his humility.”

Michael Joseph is also the current Chairman of the Board of Kenya Airways.


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