Ease Njaanuary blues through online shopping

Ease Njaanuary blues through online shopping

The month of January, often referred to us Njaanuary is often synonymous with financial strain. From festivities when people heavily spent with their loved one, then comes a month where children need to go back to school, daily expenses catered for, if possible with minimum difficulties.

Considering that you will still need to buy goods for your livelihood, you should consider online shopping as a potentially convenient and pocket friendly option. All you need to do is better figure out which platform will offer you value for money and what is it you need to buy

Jumia always has various discounts for shoppers to explore to maximize on their shopping experience.

First, think of buying your goods through the Jumia App. Through the application, Jumia publishes deals on a variety of products, earning you some savings. These deals are only accessible when you shopping through the application.

Secondly, try make orders above sh5, 000. These orders have many benefits. Sometimes you may receive the orders on the same day, other times discounts on goods.

Thirdly, consider their back to school deals. Children should not be strenuous to parents and while you cater for your needs through online shopping, also do the same for your children and all those you support in school. All products a student may need, whether for day school or boarding are available on their website.

Fourthly, there are also vouchers that they give on their website and send SMS alerts from time to time. One such voucher could be a sh1000, off goods above a certain figure and a code used to redeem it.

Fifth, consider visiting physical stores opened in different parts of the country. There are stores in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. These stores give unique customer experiences as well as help answer any questions you may have in order for you to make your order online. There are also normal stores branded Jumia where you can use them to make your orders and also ask questions or clarifications.

Sixth, check out the ongoing campaign where you can buy over 500 items at half price. Through a partnership with various stores like Tuskys, Uniliver Kenya and Chandaria Industries among others, you can take advantage to shop more. Also in the same campaigns are daily flash sales that bigger discounts are offered. The campaign that started on January 9th ends on 13th January.

Seventh, there is also Jumia Express service where over 50,000 items are currently covered including: Groceries, Fashion, Smartphones, TVs and Home Appliances. The service allows for next day deliveries within Nairobi with valuation of sh5, 000 and above.

Njaanuary should just be like any other month. It shouldn’t make us feel guilty for enjoying the festive season with loved one. To cushion yourself from vagaries of the tough month, online shopping is half way in easing your burden.


  1. Caroline Nthenya

    19 January

    I want to buy a TV..

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