Government disburses sh5 billion under Inua Jamii program

The government has disbursed of sh5,248,884,000 towards Inua Jamii, July – August payments for 1,180,678 beneficiaries.

Through the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, the target beneficiaries include Older Persons Cash Transfer (65 – 69 years), Cash Transfer for Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Persons with Severe Disability.

The Principal Secretary, State Department for Social Protection Mr. Nelson Marwa said, the choice model is geared towards addressing issues of affordability and efficiency; proximity to beneficiaries; preference by beneficiaries; liquidity faced by agents as a result of the high number of beneficiaries in addition to improving the payment instrument arising from biometric/card failures that limit the beneficiary access to stipend.

“The government remains committed to improving the welfare of the vulnerable members of society and has invested over 30 billion targeting 1.2 million households that are in need,’’ PS Marwa said.

The payments breakdown for the period are sh3.36B for 797,411 Older Persons Cash Transfer (OCPT) beneficiaries, sh1.7B for 340,416 Cash Transfer-Orphans Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC) beneficiaries and sh193 million for 42,851 Persons with Severe Disability – Cash Transfer (PWSD-CT).

Further the Ministry are making arrangements to move all beneficiaries to a new payment model also known as the choice model which is already in use by those aged 70 and above. In this model the beneficiaries have a choice as to which bank, among the four contracted, they prefer to be receiving their payments.

The older persons of 70 years and above are already receiving their payments through four contracted banks namely Equity Bank, Post Bank, Co-operative Bank and Kenya Commercial Bank.

The payments started on 8th October, 2018 and will run until 31st October 2018.

As of April this year, the government had registered 523,129 senior citizens for the Inua Jamii program. Of that number, 229,346 are men and 330,701 women.

Inua Jamii is unconditional cash transfer program regarded as a non-contributory social pension for the senior citizens. The program is aimed at delivering regular bi-monthly cash transfers of sh4,000 per individual starting January 2018 through active bank accounts.


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