Kenyans to spend at least sh7,500 on Black Friday

Kenyans to spend at least sh7,500 on Black Friday

Kenyans will spend an average of sh7,500 during Black Friday, a new survey by Black Friday Global has revealed.

The report adds that  cloths, electronics and shoes are on shoppers’ minds when considering the shopping discounts on Black Friday.

The survey said that the average discount Kenyan online stores reached 53 per cent last year, when forecasting Kenyans’ Black Friday 2018 expenses, which could translate into sh8,457 of possible average savings.

Online shopping platforms Jumia, Kilimall, and Masoko all have discounts during this period. Globally, Amazon, Alibaba and Mall of Africa are some of the e-commerce platforms that also take advantage of Black Friday to clear their stocks.

“Google’s data suggests that in the last 5 years the interest of internet users in this event has more than doubled. Every year, in almost every country, the shopping fever results in new sales records”, the report reads.

The sh7,500 ($74) that a Kenyan is willing to spend is over $18 more than Nigerian consumers, and $50 less than South Africans.

It further reveals that half of Kenyans know what Black Friday is, and a third are willing to participate in the shopping spree this year.

In a striking revelation, 60 per cent of the shoppers will shop online only, highlighting the central place e-commerce is staking in the retail sector in the country.

Kenya’s ecommerce commands 6 per cent of all purchases in the country, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and development (UNCTAD).

This year, Jumia’s Black Friday will last 30 days, from November 2nd. The company estimates at sales of seven times more orders than normal. There will be more than a million deals that will be 70 per cent off their normal prices.

The report was created based on data provided by – a global discounts provider existing since 2010. Black-Friday.Global – dedicated to Black Friday deals – was created by 12,000 participants from 55 countries took part in the survey.


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