Jubilee Insurance wins second continental award for its customer care tech innovation

Have you ever wondered how insurance really works, where your premiums go, whether you get paid back if a risk does not occur etc.? Well, Jubilee insurance has just won a continental award for introducing a robot that addresses just that-answering people’s questions in real time.

“We are cognisant that technology is now an integral part of the insurance value chain and we are leveraging on it to increase the uptake of insurance by offering solutions at the touch of a button,” said Jubilee Insurance Kenya Chief Executive Officer Patrick Tumbo.

‘Julie’, a chatbot the company introduced in February 2018, uses machine learning and big data technologies, taking information from Jubilee’s database and intelligently uses it to handle customer requests. Machine learning technologies, otherwise called artificial intelligence, helps chatbots learn from its interactions with customers hence improves the experience with subsequent requests.

This innovation is what earned Jubilee Insurance recognition at the Africa Insurance Organisation (AIO) conference in Ghana, topping all nominees in the 2018 Innovation of the Year Award category. Now in its 45th year, the AIO is a continental non-governmental organisation headquartered in Cameroon with an aim of promoting inter-African cooperation towards developing a healthy insurance and reinsurance industry.

The award is the second Jubilee Insurance has won at the AIO conference in a span of three years, in 2015, the company’s CEO Patrick Tumbo won CEO of the year award for achievements in product development and innovation in the company’s insurance distribution channel.

In addition to the bot, the company also introduced a mobile phone app to ease the customer care process. The app dubbed Jubicare, provides an on-demand service that allows users to view all data about the insurance policy they are in; additionally, it enables them to find the location of medical providers affiliated to Jubilee Insurance health covers.

Kenya has been bustling with innovation, the 2017 iFreedoms Kenya State of the Internet Report noted several instances of bots use in the country last year, for instance, a software developer made a poll bot the on the messaging app Telegram capable of conduction election opinion polls.

Additionally, the report talks about a chatbot on Telegram made by technology firm Ongair, with the ability to answer questions about which candidate was running in what region and post in last year’s general election. Kenya’s electoral body the Interim Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) had provided the same information on their website in 438 pages and 119 MB in size.


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