Username Investments scoops first prize as best land and investment company

Username Investment Limited is the 2018 Best Land and Investment Company, an award given during the Homes Expo at the KICC from 12th-15th April 2018. The award targeted a real estate company that offers the most affordable properties in East and Central Africa, in line with the Expo’s theme “Affordable Living” and also one of the government’s big four agenda.

Reuben Kimani, CEO Username Investments Limited said the award is a great achievement and a recognition of the key role that Username Investment plays in providing affordable, accessible, strategic and value added properties to the current and the upcoming generations.

The expo brings together land owners, realtors, contractors, landscape artists, to interior design companies and insurers and bankers and aims at successfully delivering an eye opening and innovative shows for the real estate industry in Africa. The award comes in handy to help potential investors realize their dreams of owning homes, land and investments for the future generation.

The CEO lauded the clients who have believed in the firm. He also thanked the organizers of the Kenya Homes Expo for providing Kenyans with a platform to realize their dreams of owning homes.

Reuben called upon Parliament to hasten passing of land regulations related to conveyancing a move that will fast track digitization of land records in the Ministry of Lands, a key enabler in online issuance of title deeds.



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