Kenyans stay with home appliances for a life time,...

Kenyans stay with home appliances for a life time, study reveals

Kennedy Sore, a father of three whose elder son is 33 years old has his sitting room sofa set ably competing to be the first born in the home. He bought the five seater three months before his wife Veronica birthed their son Philip.

Asked why he has never replaced them, he says old is gold. “They are still serving me well over three decades down the line. You can’t compare with what carpenters make these days”, he adds. To him, his philosophy of if it is working, no need to replace it reigns supreme but also if it can be fixed when its wears out, the better.

His view that if its working, there is no need to change is shared by Ramtons, a Kitchen & Home Appliances vendor who opine that unless technology has changed and you could benefit from new features there is no need to replace an item if it’s working well.

For Judy, also a teacher, she bought her fridge in 1989 with her first money from marking Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams. She did not grow up with one but always wanted to own it. Her priceless fridge has lasted her since and she is not looking forward to replacing it so long as it still works.

Kennedy and Judy comprise the majority of Kenyans who have sentimental value and consider uniqueness of home appliances as key reasons for not changing them.

The sofa set reminds him of the days he lived in a small cubicle in Kisumu, where he was a teacher. “When I bought these sofas, the head teacher secured for me a two bedroom house in the teachers’ quarters and that is how life started.”

A Jumia Kenya study has revealed that 70 percent of Kenyan households keep their home appliances for more than their life span. According to Jumia Head of Home and Living Appliances, Benard Kimutai, large home appliances like dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines, refrigerators and furniture have an average lifespan of up to 10 years because they are a major investment for customers, and therefore people look for brands that will last.

It is this trust in brands that has led the e-commerce platform to partner with some of them to offer one million assortment of quality and affordable appliances in an initiative dubbed Big Home Makeover Campaign from the 16th to 19th April. Through the campaign, there will be discounts of up to 60 percent on home appliances and other items.

“The campaign will see a lucky winner walk away with a home makeover worth sh200,000. Keep an eye out for the hashtag #JazaNyumbaNaJumia to find out more details,” read a statement from the company.

Among key brands to be featured during the campaign will be Philips, Ramtons, Samsung, Black & Decker, Bosch, Bruhm, Tefal and Saturn.

In a daring move, Jumia Kenya is promising to pay back the difference if a customer gets the same product cheaper anywhere else.


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