Kenya leads in share of internet traffic from Mobile phones

Kenya is the global leader in share of internet traffic coming from mobile phones, a Jumia study has revealed. Speaking at the launch on Kenya’s smartphone industry landscape, the data showed that the country has overlapped Nigeria and topped globally with 83 per cent.

“Kenya is a global leader in the smartphone revolution and on Jumia Kenya too we have a 65 percent of users on mobile”, said Jumia CEO Sam Chappatte.

Share of internet traffic coming from Mobile phones. Data by Jumia.

The growth in the country is not restricted to Nairobi as the fastest growing areas of mobile sales are outside Nairobi. Last year, Sam asserted that they are seeing increasing interest in smaller towns around Kenya, and expect that Nairobi will start to represent a smaller share of their business in the future. Some of the growing towns include Machakos, Mombasa, Nakuru and Kiambu.

In addition, at least 4.5 million (10 percent) of internet users in Kenya visit Jumia Kenya every month.

Jumia kenya were able to sell over 250,000 smartphones in 2017, representing 25 percent increase from the 2016 sales.

In launching this year’s mobile week which starts on Monday 19th March, Jumia has partnered with various companies to give deals to customers. They have partnered with Xiaomi Kenya, Techno Mobile and Fero to give interested Kenya a wider range of smartphones.

They have also partnered with Airtel to give free 6GB of Airtel data with every Jumia express phone order.


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