KCB Foundation invests sh100 million in Amaya Triangle

KCB Foundation has pumped sh100 million in the Amaya Triangle, an initiative to create alternative sustainable economic livelihoods for pastoralists in Laikipia, Baringo, Samburu, West Pokot and Isiolo Counties.

Amaya is a region where all the five counties, other than Isiolo, meet birthing the name of the initiative whose brain child is Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi.

KCB Foundation Director Jane Mwangi affirmed that the money will be spent to change the economic livelihoods of the pastoralists who also bear the greatest brunt in cattle rustling and drought. “We will first give them money directly from the foundation and monitor their progress for one year before the bank can then step in to continue”, she said.

Governor Muriithi said they will be looking at buying the livestock when they are healthier and can fetch more money, instead of waiting to buy when they are emaciated during drought.

Part of the sh100 million will be spent on training the farmers and also tracking the animals to be able to document their growth. The initiative will rely on data they will be capturing to inform interventions both by themselves and other partners.

According to Governor Muriithi, the Amaya Triangle has great potential to ensure pastoralists do not have to be walking with their livestock in search for water and pasture. “Pastoralists walk not because they want to or enjoy it. So if we can provide tangible solutions including zero grazing where all their livestock needs are provided for, they will not be moving from place to place. They will also see increased yields in milk and beef, which have great potential for the farmers”, he emphasized.


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