Nairobi County devolves garbage collection to sub-...

Nairobi County devolves garbage collection to sub-counties

The Nairobi City County Government has effectively today devolved garbage collection to the sub county level in a move meant to deal with the menace of illegal dumping and uncollected garbage.

Sub-County Administrators will now be responsible for garbage collection within their areas of jurisdiction. The County’s website has contacts of all the Ward administrators.

The county government has also disbanded the Anti-Dumping Unit that was based at City Hall, and the officers redeployed to the sub counties, reporting to the Sub-County Administrators. 20 garbage collection trucks will also be under the command of the Sub-County bosses, with a plan for each sub county to have two trucks and enough manpower.

In the medium term, the county government has rolled out a decentralisation process for all services. The 17 sub counties will be clustered into 10 service delivery unit, each headed by a Minister of the county government.

Mohamed Dagane, the County Executive in-charge of Water, Environment, Energy and Natural Resources said that they hope the judiciary will help in the environmental cleaning process by handing down deterrent sentences on people found guilty of illegal dumping. Light sentences have allowed the problem to persist.

He added that all pending bills amounting to Sh56 billion are being vetted and validated before money is released.


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