Equity Bank Rwanda launches Eazzy Banking products

Equity Bank Rwanda launches Eazzy Banking products

Equity Bank Rwanda has launched a new range of digital solutions into the market that will provide an easy, comprehensive, and secure banking experience. The Eazzy Banking suite of products include the EazzyBanking App, a global financial app that directly integrates with telco SIM services allowing customers to open accounts, send money and even make payments using their mobile phones anywhere, anytime.

Downloadable on both Android and iOS devices, the EazzyBanking App provides a host of unique key service offerings ranging from opening of accounts, sending money to bank accounts or mobile wallets, applying and paying off loans, paying bills with over 40+ billers and utility companies, among other services.

Equity Bank Rwanda MD, Hannington Namara said that the launch of the Eazzy Banking suite of products led by the flagship solution, EazzyBanking App, marked the bank’s aim to further the government’s agenda of making Rwanda a digital hub by the year 2020, with ICT driven services at the heart of all sectors of the economy.

“We are investing in these digital solutions to bring banking services closer to the people by expanding to the unbanked masses as well as improve financial service delivery. The EazzyBanking suite of products caters for the increasing preference by Rwandans for self-service channels,” he added.

The suite also includes a retail internet portal where customers can manage their bank accounts known as EazzyNet; an interoperable payment platform known as EazzyPay which allows one to pay for bills such as TV subscriptions such as Star Times, DSTV, Channel Plus as well as buy and pay for goods and services at registered merchant outlets; a mobile based loan product known as EazzyLoan; as well as a cash and liquidity management solution for SMEs, Corporates and large organizations or institutions known as EazzyBiz.

In addition, Equity Bank also plans to roll out other products under the EazzyBanking suite such as EazzyChama, a solution to assist welfare clubs, investment clubs and groups manage their joint finances and investments; a real time bulk payment solution that allows one to automate electronic fund transfers, RTGS and mobile transfers called EazzyRemittance; and banking capabilities packaged as APIs exposed through an EazzyAPIs platform.

Equity Bank Rwanda commenced operations on 25th November 2011. With its headquarters in Kigali, the Bank serves over 392,000 customers spread across a network of 11 branches, supported by 833 Agents, 126 merchants, 15 ATMs, mobile and Internet Banking services.


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