Tatu City Power Company seeks license to generate, distribute and supply electricity

Tatu City Power Company has applied for a license to generate, distribute and supply electricity.

In a gazette notice, the Country Head-Kenya Nick Langford, seeks public input including objection to the application to be lodged on 20th November with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

In the notice, Mr. Langford says the Tatu City Power license will not adversely affect any institution, individual and authorities within the areas of its operations. Once the application has been made, a copy will be made available for inspection to the public, subject to confidentiality considerations. The public can inspect it at Tatu House, off Ruiru-Kiambu Road

The notice reads “Any public or local authority, company, person or body of persons desirous of making any representation on or objection to the application must do so by a letter addressed to the Energy Regulatory Commission and marked on the outside of the cover enclosing it “Energy Act’, on or before the expiration of fifteen (15) days from the date of application and a copy of such representation or objection must be forwarded to the registered office of the applicant”

Tatu City sits on 5,000 acres and will comprise mixed-use development with homes, schools, offices, a shopping district, medical clinics, nature areas, a sport and entertainment complex and manufacturing area for more than 150,000 residents day.

It will also have a housing project dubbed Tatu Waters, which will consist of 402 two bedroom, 1,294 three-bedroom and 1019 four-bedroom units constructed as either apartments or townhouses. Tatu Waters estimated to cost sh35 billion is Tatu City’s second housing project.

The entire Tatu City project, which has been the subject of bitter ownership wrangles, is expected to cost over Sh350 billion.

Tatu Waters will also include a bank, a kindergarten, a supermarket, swimming pools, a post office, a gymnasium, a healthcare centre, two substations and 5,136 parking slots. The development will take up 247.6 acres of the 5,000 acre Tatu City land.

Tatu City Power would therefore be substantially useful in providing electricity for the ecosystem amidst uncertainty over the reliability of main electricity supplier in Kenya, Kenya Power.


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