Government delineates functions between National and County Governments in the gambling industry

The Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee has gazetted the functions that county and national government are to play in the gambling industry. Committee chairman Prof. Karega Mutahi gazetted the approved functions in relations to betting, casinos and other forms of gambling as below;

  National Government   County Government
1 (a) Policy formulation, legislation, standards and norms;

(b) Development of standards and norms;

(c) Regulation of the gaming industry;

(d) Capacity building and technical assistance.

1 (a) Implementation of policy, standards and norms;

(b) Periodic monitoring and evaluation of betting, lotteries and gaming;

(c,) Development and implementation of county legislation on betting and other forms of gambling.

2 Licensing of public gambling (casino). 2 (a) Licensing of public gaming (casino) premises;

(b) Enforcement and (compliance i.e. spot checks, daily supervision of casinos.

3 Vetting, security checks and due diligence. 3 N/A
4 Licensing of prize competitions cross cutting several counties (or promotion of product and services). 4 Licensing of prize competitions for promotions confined to i county
5 N/A 5 Licensing of amusement machines.
6 Licensing of national lotteries. 6 Licensing and supervision o county lotteries (lotteries confined within a county).
7 (a)  Licensing of on-the course totalisators

(b)  Licensing of off-the course totalisators.

7 Licensing of premises for totalisators.
8 N/A 8 Licensing and issuance of pm table permits within that counties.
9 Licensing of bookmakers 9 Licensing of betting premises.
10 Online gaming. 10 N/A
11 Handling of complaints and arbitration. 11 Handling of complaints and arbitration.



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